<![CDATA[at the Old School Theater - News]]>Fri, 23 Feb 2018 12:13:37 -0600Weebly<![CDATA[Summer's here and the time is right...]]>Wed, 21 Jun 2017 14:03:50 GMThttp://fostermusicarts.com/news/summers-here-and-the-time-is-rightOK, so where the heck have we been you might ask.

Yes, we've been quiet for a while. After our final show in March with La Fusión, the old School Theater crew simply took a break to rest up and pay attention to our day jobs. But now, renewed and refreshed, we're back and ready to tackle another season of shows.

We sure went out on a couple of high notes. Back in March, The Blackwater Trio delivered a powerful performance in their 5-piece version. Their fabulous harmonies, instrumental wizardry, fine original songs, and powerhouse delivery clearly set them at the very top of the local music heap in my book. We're bringing them back shortly, but this time they will be in their true trio format for a CD release party in August (tickets will go on sale in late July for an August 12th performance). I love both forms of the band, but the trio volume will be much easier to manage in our room.

But first up in our new season of shows is the return of La Fusion, for one of the final performances of the band. Sadly, we'll be losing singer Andres Diaz to Arizona shortly as he take advantage of a really great job opportunity (at least it keeps him in this country a while longer). Andres has been a key member of our house band the FMA All-stars and a good friend as well, so the Old School Theater will miss him doubly. 

The last time La Fusión played for us was one of the most successful and fun shows ever. After spending the afternoon filming a live performance video at the theater, the band was all warmed up and ready when the crowd poured in. And what a fine crowd it was, especially considering that the very same night was when the Yalobusha Brewery was featuring one of their biggest draws, former Dire Straits member Jack Sonni. It was a fabulous night with a fun dance lesson (what was I thinking?) beforehand and the resulting packed dance floor later. This next show will no doubt be a blast as well.

Well, duty calls. There's more cooking, but that's all the news for now.

<![CDATA[Welcome to 2017]]>Wed, 11 Jan 2017 17:19:35 GMThttp://fostermusicarts.com/news/welcome-to-2017Welcome to a brand new year at the Old School Theater. We had a great 2017 putting on eight shows from June to December. Chances are good we'll triple that this year. We're grateful for  the help of our sponsors (particularly our constant supporter Turnage Drug Store), the dediicated fans who came to show after show, and the fabulous crew of musicians who made the showcases possible. We had a few glitches (the AC on the first show and a couple of shows that ran a little long) but all-in-all things have gone smoothly. And we're fairly proud of the response from the artists (they love our green room, the theater stage and our audiences) and proud of the level of performance we were able to present. If you missed shows like Becky Warren or The Kerrville Winners...what can I say, you just plain screwed up.

We are learning every show and continually working making improvements (check out the nice new bathroom floors for example). There's a long way to go and 2017 promises to be a rich and full year. The first five shows will be announced shortly and we're working on many more. We hope to see Paul Thorn return this year and we have a number of other larger shows we're pursuing as well. We're looking at bringing people like Bill Kirchen, Slaid Cleaves, Shannon Boshears, Kevin Gordon and many others. Don't be afraid to tell us what you want to see.
<![CDATA[First Showcase...wow!]]>Mon, 07 Nov 2016 19:18:53 GMThttp://fostermusicarts.com/news/first-showcasewowCouldn't have said it better. Thanks to the North Mississippi Herald and Jack Gurner for their help in making this show a success.
<![CDATA[Paul Thorn - One in the win column]]>Tue, 12 Jul 2016 14:17:52 GMThttp://fostermusicarts.com/news/paul-thorn-one-in-the-win-columnWell, we're feeling pretty  good around here after our grand opening. The Paul Thorn show was phenomenal--a sold out crowd, a tremendous performance, a happy band and no major incidents to speak of. Of course, we need to fix a few things. Obviously the air conditioning couldn't keep up with 250 people. But you guys are tough. It didn't seem to bother you too much... and rest assured it is being fixed right now.

The band was very happy and told us they want to come back as soon as it seems like the right time to do so. They enjoyed the room, the crowd, and the hospitality.

So that brings us to the next big question--what's next? Well, we're working on it. We've had an executive planning meeting (over pizza) and we have a bunch of ideas.  Right now we're focused on producing the other show we have booked, Jimmy Robinson and Lily Kiara. Jimmy Robinson has played Water Valley several times now and knocked everyone out every time. Last year, Lily Kiara came and played as part of the International Folk Collective Trio to a packed Loft on Main audience. They are currently on tour of the US supporting Lily's new album.

It will be an entirely different type of show compared to Paul Thorn and I'm looking forward to seeing what a smaller, acoustic concert is like in that room.

So as we move forward, why don't you send us some lists of your favorite artists that you'd like to see come to Water Valley.